Adding HTTP response headers to a Netlify static website

Mar 25, 2021
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Important Stuff

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Code Block

const BLOG = {
  title: 'CRAIGARY',
  author: 'Craig Hart',
  email: '',
  link: '',
  description: 'This gonna be an awesome website.',
  lang: 'en-US',
  appearance: 'auto', // ['light', 'dark', 'auto'],
  lightBackground: '#ffffff', // use hex value, don't forget '#' e.g #fffefc
  darkBackground: '#111827', // use hex value, don't forget '#'
  path: '', // leave this empty unless you want to deploy Nobelium in a folder
  since: 2021, // if leave this empty, current year will be used.
  postsPerPage: 7,
  showAbout: true, // WIP
  showArchive: true, // WIP
  socialLink: '',
  seo: {
    keywords: ['Blog', 'Website', 'Notion'],
    googleSiteVerification: '' // Remove the value or replace it with your own google site verification code
  notionPageId: process.env.NOTION_PAGE_ID, // DO NOT CHANGE THIS!!!
// export default BLOG
module.exports = BLOG
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